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What is Dot Net ?


Duh! It’s a Dot in a NET. (I hope it could be that simple)
Dot Net is an incredible infrastructure, an application interface that helps the programmer to program the logic without even have to worry about the front end crap. It has built in classes methods and solution to all common problems that programmer faces everyday. Microsoft pre-coded the common tasks that a programmer does everyday into classes, methods in a framework base class library. When you code the program using C# or VB and run the program, Dot Net compiler convert the code into CIL (Common Language runtime previously known as MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate language) also called byte code. CLR (Common Language Runtime) Jut in-time (JIT) compiler converts the code local to the Operating System. Common Language Runtime also takes care of memory management, thread management, exception handling, garbage collections, and security.


Dot NET is an incredible infrastructure, When i say infrastructure i mean is the basic underlaying or features of a system that is already set for us. Microsoft has alreay provided the basic features and layout of all the common tasks that we do everyday. Just imagine if you have to develop an application using HTML, you will have to code every single item on the page...how long will it take to do that.....perhaps many days or weeks.Therefore, Micorosft came up with the .Net framework and provided us an application interface that helps us to program the logic without worrying about front end such as coding a input button, text box, Button etc. It has built in classes methods and solution to all common problems that programmer faces everyday. Microsoft pre-coded the common tasks that a programmer does everyday into classes and methods in a base class library.


 Lets discuss the components of  dot net Framework.


CLR: (Common Language Runttime)

As it names suggest, that it is a common runtime environment for all codes in .NET Languages. This code in .Net is managed by CLR is therefore called managed code. The managed code contains information about the code, such as classes, methods and variables defined in the code. This information is called meta data. The CLR uses meta data to provide safe execution of the program code.

-Garbage Collector The garbage collector is another feature of CLR, it manages the system memory by removing the unreferenced variables. The garbage collector automatically release the unreferenced memory sotherefore it prevents memory leakage from the application.

How garbage collector works? when application runs, all variables, classes objects and other declare resources are added to the memory space, this whole process is called heap allocation. So when this heap allocation gets full, the garbage collector kicks in and start deallocating memory to resources that are no longer in use. This helps the application to add more objects, classes and other resources to the memory hence making the usage of memory more efficient.


CTS (Common Type System):

 CTS is set of guidelines and standard data types. In order to make the code (written in different language) work with other languages, Microsoft has developed set of standard data types and guidelines to create user-defined classes and objects for .NET framework. For instance I have written my classes and methods in C ++, but now I have to create a visual interface in VB how I am going to do accomplish this now? well the either I have to recode everything from beginning or with the help of CTS (guidelines and standard data types) I can use the code written in C++ in VB.


CLS (Common Language Specification): are defined set of rules that a .Net language should follow to allows you to create application which is compatible with other languages.

















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What is .Net ?
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